Everyone knows that termites cause horrific damage to a building, but exactly to what extent is not so widely understood.

It's likely much worse than ever imagined - the annual cost of damage and treatment is $5 billion worldwide. More than $1.5 billion is spent in the U.S alone (source - National Pest Management Association, Inc.).

The statistics are staggering. Each year, subterranean termites cause damage to homes and commercial properties world-wide, more than fires, storms, floods and earth quakes combined.

These silent invaders move quickly, breed rapidly and eat almost anything in their path. All too often, the devastating damage they cause to common household materials is difficult to detect until it is too late.

In Australia, the problem is so severe that building regulators require that all homes be installed with reliable lifetime termite protection.

"Prevention is better than cure".

Termguard has the simple solution… PREVENT ATTACK!

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