Since the introduction of environmentally friendly termite agents and the removal of organochlorins in 1995, Termguard has developed a range of Termite Reticulated Systems to meet not only the needs of the homeowner and building industry, but also the Environment.

Together with today’s environmentally acceptable termite control agents, Termguard’s termite reticulation systems have been the perfect partner to provide an effective replenishable barrier, yet minimise the total impact of the Environment.

The systems are based on providing a contained system of termite control within the footprint of the house, and have the capability to utilise new innovative termite control agents that are developed in the future to protect the life of the home.

Our systems accurately distribute only the required amounts of termite control agents into the underslab and perimeter of the property.

The combination of the Termguard System and the EPA approved termite control agents ensures that the minimum dosage is applied, that there is no airborne exposure to the termiticides, and that there is no impact on the environment, yet a very effective and replenishable Termite Management System is installed and maintained.

The risky and disruptive practice of drilling and injecting slabs to overcome breaches into existing homes can also be hazardous to both the pest controller and the householder. This practice will also be eliminated as Termguard systems are designed for judicious re-application of the termite barrier without drilling and without any exposure to the applicator or the residents of the house.