termguard termite control

Termguard Systems are purpose built reticulated, replenishable systems to provide safe, cost effective and reliable Termite Management programs. With Termguard, building owners are guaranteed a quality product offering the following benefits:

  • Eliminates exposure & disruption to site contractors when termiticides are injected.
  • Eliminates exposure & disruption to the householder/tenants when termiticides are re-injected.
  • Eliminates EPA concerns in relation to potential spray drift during termiticide application.
  • Eliminates the necessity to retreat the external perimeter each five years using invasive and disruptive methods – drilling, cutting of concrete, trenching etc.
  • Provides the homeowners with long-term protection against termite damage.
  • Is suitable for both pre and post construction installations.
  • A replenishable Termite Management System that is quickly and easily installed injected and re-injected.
  • System is re-injected periodically (when required) and inspected annually.
  • A long term, cost effective alternative to other forms of Termite Management.
  • Provides 50-year warranty is offered in USA (System maintenance conditions apply).
  • Is a Primary Termite Management System and not a secondary Termite Management System.