The statistics are staggering.

Subterranean termites are by far the most destructive timber pest in the world, and are responsible for causing the greatest economic losses of timber in several parts of the world.

Termites have been around for more than 240 million years, can adapt to ever-changing environments and are known to destroy homes and building constructions within 3 months of entry.

Each year, the subterranean termite is accountable for creating more damage to homes and commercial properties than fires, storms, floods and earthquakes combined. In fact, termites are responsible of causing billion of dollars of damage each year to houses and buildings across Asia.

All too often, the presence of these silent invaders goes undetected until the damage is done, and though the problem is so severe, most building owners will come to find termite damage is not even covered by most insurance policies.

“Prevention is better than cure”. Termguard has the simple solution…

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