termguard termite control

Termguard Systems are purpose built reticulated, replenishable systems to provide safe, cost effective and reliable Termite Management programs.

With Termguard, building owners are guaranteed a quality product offering the following benefits:

• Industry Leading 50 Year Warranty
• Targets termites at direct source of entry
• Eliminates exposure and disruption to household members
• No disruptive or invasive construction work required to retreat areas
• Eradicates EPA concerns of potential spray drift during termiticide application
• ABCB Certified and/or CSIRO Appraised
• Meets Australia’s Federal and State Standards, and Termiticide manufacturers label
• Periodically Replenishable System

For full list of benefits of our System, please click here.

Install a Termguard Reticulation System in your building today, and it will be the only long-term, affordable program you will need to safeguard your building and investment from termite damage in the future.